Ireland's love affair with Ti Sento

TI SENTO Milano has been one of Ireland's favorite jewellery Brands since its launch here in 2004  – UB Ireland Ltd (formerly IBB Dublin Ltd) are proud to launch a new SS18 collection.


Strategy and Brand

In the past half year TI SENTO – Milano has gone through rebranding and repositioning. Now, half a year later, the high-end jewellery brand TI SENTO – Milano is ready for 2018. With a stunning new SS18 collection, Out of the Box is the perfect kick off! TI SENTO – Milano 2.0 is back in the game. How are we playing it though?


TI SENTO – Milano 2.0

TI SENTO - Milano

Ti Sento are Goldsmiths with a deviated taste: we don’t love gold. It is silver that makes our hearts tick.

TI SENTO-Milano were the first to bring gold standard manufacturing to silver jewellery, the first to give silver the love and quality it deserved. Not everyone knows that we still sketch each jewel with an old school paper and pencil. We forge each jewel with our bare hands, polishing it until it shines. We are not afraid of black fingers. Because yes, we love to make ours dirty to make your Jewellery shine. Up up with those sleeves! 

We add a hint of pepper to a sophisticated style, because mixing sugar and spice brings the whoop whoop to our lives. TI SENTO-Milano jewels don’t scream, but they whisper it from the roofs. 

#becauseweshine (Show us how you flaunt them)

The new collection

TI SENTO  Milano have worked and crafted for months to create this dazzling new collection. The collection is subdivided into three different themes:

  • Brand New Day
  • Capture Moments
  • Golden Glow

This refined and exciting collection is the result of months of hard work in the Atelier. A threefold collection that seeks contradictions and is Dedicated to a modern woman who gives a twist to her charm. For all women with unexpected desires. TI SENTO – Milano embraces contradictions.

Let us explain how:

Make a first good impression


Brand New Day

Wake up, the sun is shining through the windows. The morning dew has just started to melt. A beam of light penetrates through the curtains. The birds are whistling, you can feel it: the day can begin! A new day, full of new opportunities. You are going to make it! This is the inspiration for the soft, classic and subtle shapes of this fresh and accessible collection! There is also a special surprise: the iced white stones. A dazzling colour that can be found in bracelets, necklaces and rings. Ice, ice, baby!


Capture Moments

Wear your most beautiful dress and go for a delicious lunch on the beach in good company. Embrace the sun and enjoy the tastiest dishes. Choose oysters and a nice cup of champagne. ‘Life is too short to not enjoy it, so make the most of it’. This is the motto of capture moments. Designs and colours inspired by the waves of the sea, you can experience the summer vibes as never before. Combine pearls, turquoise stones and yellow gold plating. Summer is here and it feels good! So good…


Golden Glow: A masterpiece in itself!

The sun is low and the city is starting to be painted gold. The sun is setting, it makes the day so much more beautiful than it was. Homecoming feels incredibly good. You smell roses that the love of your life has brought for you. It gives you a fantastic feeling. Life can be so beautiful. With this in mind, the main line of the collection was created: the flower buds. The new, fresh shapes are combined with rose gold plating. Shapes inspired by the most beautiful rose buds. Make a statement and let yourself be. Spice it up baby!

The new collection will be in shop from mid February!