Engelsrufer meaning Angel Whisperer, is a precious jewel that is handcrafted to call your guardian angel to your side.

Engelsrufer is a luxurious, high quality pendant brand, made of 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated.

The pendant basket, which can be opened, is available in 3 sizes and contains a sound ball with a bell inside that delicately chimes to call your guardian angel to your side.

These sound balls are available in a range of colours. Each sound ball creates a symbolic link between its wearer and their own guardian angel as their colours have been designed to represent individual meanings.

The Engelsrufer pendant basket is beautifully complimented by the addition of an array of pendants such as angel wings, because, after all what is an angel without its wings?

The enchanting story is reflected in the unique design and in the precise crafting of each " Engelsrufer ". The divine nature of this product will bring joy, relaxation and comfort to each individual wearer.

Engelsrufer allows the wearer to always have their guardian angel by their side protecting them from all life challenges!

Engelsrufer has been nominated in the UK Retail Jeweller Awards 2016, as "Brand to Watch" With 3,000 stockists throughout the world, this reallly is a brand to watch.