Lilywho is a much loved Jewellery & Watch brand known for chic, everyday jewellery. Our mission is to make women feel more stylish and confident every day through the power of Jewellery. At the heart of Lilywho, lies a love for jewellery, and each piece is designed to be an extension of your own personal style.

Established in 2012, Lilywho initially focused on providing many of the World’s top watch & jewellery fashion brands. Selling these brands gave us an extensive insight into what was being sought after in the Industry. We believed Lilywho could give so much more to the fashion world and we knew we had the team to do it! In 2018 we created our own Lilywho Jewellery & Watch range. Fast forward to now, and Lilywho has become one of the fastest growing online jewellery & watch brands in Europe.
The Lilywho team has the perfect blend of innovation and experience. With 20 plus years service in the jewellery trade, our team is able to provide the assurance of high quality product while at the same time having the unique advantage of employing a young fashioned mindful team.

Each piece from the Lilywho collection is expertly designed in house. We have built a team that is tailor made to anticipate the needs of our customers. This dynamic means that we are at the forefront of jewellery design.

Our carefully selected manufacturing process has allowed us to ensure the highest quality. Efficient production has led to reduced cost, which reflects in our pricing.

Lilywho is an Irish Jewellery Brand. You will see our jewellery all over the world, but there is only one place you can buy it!